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Business Formation

One of the first steps an entrepreneur or small business owner needs to consider when establishing a new business is the form that their corporation will take. Incorporation can take many shapes from a simple partnership to a complicated publicly held corporation with many stock holders. The direction you choose when you establish your company will help protect personal assets and provide addition benefits to the business owner, share holders or partners. We are fully versed in, the sometimes, complicated legal filings required by the state and federal government. Our experience can help educate you in the positives and negatives of each of the forms of incorporation making sure that your interests are best served by the direction you choose.

Types of Business Formation
• Sole Proprietorship
• General Partnership
• Limited Partnership (LP)
• Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)
• Subchapter "C" Corporation
• Subchapter "S" Corporation
• Limited Liability Company (LLC)

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